Probot Innovation, presents its latest innovations and technological advances related to the rest sector in section UPHOLSTERED and its predecessors in fair Interzum processes. We are a leader in automation and robotics, in the development and creation and media only systems with high R & D company, we make the needs of our customers Innovation: powerful, flexible and future solutions, improving systems production, image and product quality.

MODULAR TAPIBOT is a unique solution in the market, capable of performing the process of upholstered base and cap automatically. The system integrates various technologies such as entrainment of fabrics, cutting and pasting them by ultrasound technology, voltage and equidistant drag the perimeter of the fabric, servo movement motor for a customized voltage, robotics art by integrating multi-tool: high speed automatic stapling, handling (depalletizing) and extraction (palletizing) base and cap.


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